International Health Insurance in Indonesia

Among the most populous nations on the planet, Indonesia is 17.000 islands of vibrant cities, tranquil natural wonders and stunning biodiversity.

This southeast-Asian nation has a burgeoning work environment across a range of growing industries, from the bustling capital of Jakarta to the tourist hubs of Bali and Yogyakarta.

The best healthcare here is found in the private sector. So, ensure you’re covered ahead of your adventures in the archipelago with expat health insurance in Indonesia from Cigna Healthcare.

How does the healthcare system work in Indonesia?

A large populace and many remote, rural areas mean public healthcare can be difficult to come by in much of the country. The lack of service outside of the cities results in more populous areas taking the strain of public healthcare requirements.

Expats opt for private healthcare to guarantee faster, more efficient access and services that are more readily available across the islands of Indonesia.

Good international health insurance in Indonesia can be a game changer, as you can access private healthcare at an effective cost. This is hugely important for expats as they are not included in the government cover as per Indonesia’s public healthcare scheme. Browse expat health insurance in Indonesia with Cigna Healthcare.


Pros and cons of using Indonesia's local healthcare system


  • Local pharmacies often provide medicine that would require prescriptions in the Western world.
  • Public access is generally cheap.
  • Alternative eastern medicine practices are offered alongside more Westernised treatment options.


  • There are no government-run ambulances or paramedical vehicles.
  • Options are sparse or non-existent through much of the rural country.
  • The public system is poorly funded and struggles with staffing issues.
  • Expats are not covered by the public system.

Differences between public and private healthcare in Indonesia

Public Private
Cheaper. Available to expats.
Offers alternative medicinal practices. Faster and more readily available in much of the country.


How can international health insurance help you in Indonesia?

Depending upon your needs and preferences, an international medical insurance plan can significantly benefit you and your family if you plan to move to Indonesia. It offers complete coverage on basic healthcare needs, ambulance transport, overnight stays, emergency evacuation and more.

Our extensive cover is great for getting quick treatment and access to hospitals without needing to wait for a long time. With linguistic experts on hand, we can help you negotiate language issues in rural hospitals and ensure you get access to the best service available.

Choosing your international health insurance

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Select a Cigna core plan:


La ventaja principal de un plan Silver es que proporciona cobertura internacional, tanto hospitalaria como externa, en la que se incluyen ingresos en el hospital y tratamientos.

  • Límite de beneficios anuales: $1.000.000

  • Tratamiento hospitalario y externo

  • Habitación individual

  • Cobertura completa para cáncer

  • Cobertura de atención para recién nacidos


Cobertura completa, con límites anuales generales más amplios y beneficios adicionales, entre los que se incluye la atención de maternidad hospitalaria.

  • Límite de beneficios anuales: $2.000.000

  • Tratamiento hospitalario y externo

  • Habitación individual

  • Cobertura completa para cáncer

  • Inpatient Maternity*


Nuestro nivel más alto ofrece una cobertura anual general ilimitada con la mayoría de los beneficios pagados en su totalidad.

  • Límite de beneficios anuales: Cobertura íntegra

  • Tratamiento hospitalario y externo

  • Habitación individual

  • Cobertura completa para cáncer

  • Inpatient Maternity*

  • Asistencia de salud mental y conductual completamente pagada

Why choose Cigna Healthcare for health insurance in Indonesia?

Find flexible expat health insurance packages in Indonesia through Cigna Healthcare. Benefits include:

  • Access to leading medical professionals in over 192 countries worldwide.
  • Speak to local medical experts in your language.
  • 24/7 access to our expert Customer Care Team, to get you help when you need it.
  • Reimbursement available in your chosen currencies, whether IDR, USD or other.

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Costs depend on a variety of factors, from your residency status to the experience levels of the doctor you see. You can expect to pay around the equivalent of $25 (USD) for an initial consultation with a medical professional in a city hospital.

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